Mapwize Web App

We are providing a standard web application to view indoor maps, search for places and get directions.

The application is available at


Private maps

By default, only public buildings are visible on the map. To view private buildings, a custom API key or an access key is required.

Access keys can be entered using the top left menu, or with an url parameter.

The use of access key requires the app to use cookie sessions. To avoid the need for cookies, and therefore simplify the deployment accross browsers, the use of the custom API keys is prefered. Please note that custom API keys can only be provided through URL parameters.

iFrame or WebView embed is perfect to be used in an iFrame or in a WebView on any website or mobile application. The Mapwize url parameters allow the map to be loaded according to your needs.

You can use the embed=true and menu=false URL parameters to prevent the "Open in Mapwize app" pop-up and the Mapwize side menu if you want.

Unfortunately, it is not possible to catch map events on your website or in your app if you use an iFrame embed. For deeper integration, use the JS, iOS or Android SDKs.

URL Format

Use the URL to center the map at a given position, show a place or even show a direction. The URL is provided after the # of

A URL generator is available in Mapwize Studio to help you generate those URLs.

User position

An URL refering to a beacon (like for example a QR-code) displayes the map centered on the user with the user position defined by the position of the beacon.

A beacon can be refered in 2 ways:




An URL refering to a venue centers the map on the venue, Optionnaly on a specific floor. The venue is refered by it's alias. The alias is a string that has to be unique accross all venues on the Mapwize platform.




An URL refering to a place centers the map on the place, on the right floor inside its venue, and selects the place. The place is refered by it's alias and the alias of the venue it belongs to. The place alias is a string that has to be unique accross all places inside a venue.




A position can be specified using geographic coordinates: latitude, longitude, floor. The floor is optional.




URLs can also be generated to encode the starting and ending point of a direction. Beacon codes, places or coordinates can be used for the from and to.



URL parameters

Parameters can be combined using &

Indoor Location

The location of the user can come from 3 different sources:

Browser support

Mapwize Maps is tested against the following browsers:

IE 11 is not supported