Mapwize deployment options

Mapwize proposes 3 options for deployment:

Multi-tenant cloud

By default, Mapwize is deployed on a multi-tenant cloud, on

The service is hosted on infrastructures from

It uses services provided by

Data is logically seperated in the database by organization.

Private cloud

A custom instance of Mapwize can be deployed on a private cloud for a specific customer.

The deployment is done on a (set of) virtual machines using Docker.

Private cloud instances can be protected in multiple ways to restric access to data. In particular, SSO with any identity source can be implemented.

Our preference is to deploy private cloud on Microsoft Azure.

On-premise deployment

When the criticity of the data is such, like for military applications, on-premise deployment can be considered. But the extra complexity usually comes with a much larger cost.

In case of on-premise deployment, Mapwize is providing the software as a Docker compose and the client is responsible for the hosting. Therefore, no monitoring and SLA can be provided.