What do we mean by 'universe'?

Our maps can include different universes and by universe we mean different views of the map.
With Mapwize, we can imagine having a map dedicated to visitors, a technical map for maintenance teams and so on.
Each universe is different in terms of mapping details or/and in terms of points of interest. One universe might show electricity panels and boiler rooms while the other might only show offices and restrooms.
Most importantly, these universes are only accessible if a user is in possession of the correct access key.

What do we mean by 'venue'?

The venue is the area of creation, including the building to cover and perhaps the areas around it (parking lots, etc.). Consider it as a blank page that you will add onto the outdoor map.

What do we mean by 'place'?

The places are the location you want to pinpoint on your map: a place can be an office, a meeting room, a store.. even an ATM. With our tools, you will be able to setup the places either by drawing a polygon, or by placing a marker. Each place can be visible on the map, found in the search engine and used as a starting point or destination for the directions.