Mapwize UI

Fully featured and ready to use Fragment to add Mapwize Indoor Maps and Navigation in your Android app.

And it's open-source !

For documentation about Mapwize SDK objects like Venue, Place, MapOptions... Please refer to the Mapwize SDK documentation on


The Mapwize UI fragment comes with the following components:


MapwizeUI is compatible with MapwizeForMapbox 1.7.0 and above. The library won't work with lower version.


Add the following maven repository to your project :

maven { url "" }
maven { url ''}

Then, in your application project, import the MapwizeUI module :

implementation 'com.github.Mapwize:mapwize-ui-android:${lib-version}'



The activity that embeds the Fragment must implement OnFragmentInteractionListener with the followings methods :

void onMenuButtonClick() // The user clicked on the menu button (left button on the search bar)
void onInformationButtonClick(MapwizeObject mapwizeObject); // See Information Button section below
void onFragmentReady(MapboxMap mapboxMap, MapwizePlugin mapwizePlugin); // The fragment is ready to use

Mapwize Fragment can be instantiated with the constructor :

public static MapwizeFragment newInstance(@NonNull MapOptions mapOptions)

Simple example

MapOptions opts = new MapOptions.Builder().build()
MapwizePlugin mapwizePlugin = MapwizeFragment.newInstance(opts);

Center on venue

To have the map centered on a venue at start up:

MapOptions opts = new MapOptions.Builder()
MapwizePlugin mapwizePlugin = MapwizeFragment.newInstance(opts);

Center on place

To have the map centered on a place with the place selected:

MapOptions opts = new MapOptions.Builder()
MapwizePlugin mapwizePlugin = MapwizeFragment.newInstance(opts);

Map options

The following parameters are available for map initialization:

UI Settings

The following parameters are available to show or hide some components :

menuButtonHidden set to true to hide the menu button in the search bar
followUserButtonHidden set to true to hide the follow user mode button
floorControllerHidden set to true to hide the floor controller
compassHidden set to true to hide the compass

Information button

When users select a Place or a PlaceList, either by clicking on the map or using the search engine, you might want to give the possibility to the user to open a page of your app about it. Think about shops or exhibitors for example for which your app probably has a page with all the details about.

The proposed solution is to display an "information" button on the bottom view in the Fragment.

Using the UIBehaviour interface, you can use the method shouldDisplayInformationButton to say if the button should be displayed or not. Return true to display the button for the given Mapwize object.

boolean shouldDisplayInformationButton(MapwizeObject mapwizeObject);

Example to display the information button only for Places and not for PlaceLists:

boolean shouldDisplayInformationButton(MapwizeObject mapwizeObject) {
if (mapwizeObject instanceof Place) {
return true
else {
return false

When the information button is clicked, the listener onInformationButtonClick is called with the selected Mapwize object.

void onInformationButtonClick(MapwizeObject mapwizeObject); 


The fragment uses two colors to display its content:

<color name="colorAccent">#C51586</color>
<color name="mapwize_main_color">#C51586</color>

You can override them in your colors.xml file to customize colors.


The fragment contains some strings that you may want to translate or change.
You can override them in your strings.xml file.

<string name="time_placeholder">%1$d min</string>
<string name="floor_placeholder">Floor %1$s</string>
<string name="search_in_placeholder">Search in %1$s…</string>
<string name="search_venue">Search a venue…</string>
<string name="loading_venue_placeholder">Loading %1$s…</string>
<string name="current_location">Current location</string>
<string name="choose_language">Choose your language</string>
<string name="choose_universe">Choose your universe</string>
<string name="direction">Direction</string>
<string name="information">Information</string>
<string name="starting_point">Starting point</string>
<string name="destination">Destination</string>

Be careful with strings containing placeholders. Please ensure that the exact placeholders are kept!
For example, if you replace "Floor %1$s" with "My floor" without placeholder, your application will crash.

Demo application

A demo application is available in this repository to quickly test the UI.
The only thing you need to get started is a Mapwize api key.
You can get your key by signing up for a free account at

Once you have your API key, add it to the project in the file and run the app.

To test the UI further, go to and change some options or add some code in it.